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So I wanted to upgrade my Palm SDK (was r62) and my VirtualBox (was 3.0.4) on Windows XP 32 bits. I Did everything by the book, removed the older versions and installed the new ones but... Everytime I tried to launch the emulator I got: "Palm Emulator requires that VirtualBox 2.2.0 or greater is installed"!

Wait a minute. I bumped up the version so of course I have 2.2.0+ !!!

So here's the solution:

It seems that Palm Emulator tries to read HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sun\xVM VirtualBox but VBox 3.0.6 writes to

For it to work, you just have to create a new registry folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sun called xVM VirtualBox and copy all the entries that were written to the VirtualBox folder into it.

It may sound very stupid but it comes handy and it is not obvious.

This lists all packages from the default channel : pear list
This lists all availables packages (including the ones installed locally) from the default channel : pearl list-all

And... This lists all installed packages locally : pear list -a

Après pas mal de recherche, des essais, beaucoup de prise de tête et de grands moments de solitude, voici le pilote pour les clavier français mac (testé sous macBook, macBook Air, macBook Pro et les nouveaux clavier Apple). Pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas se passer de Microsoft Windows XP...

After much net scouring, trial and error, a lot of hair pulling, etc. Here is the Mac French keyboard driver (tested under macBook, macBook Air, macBook Pro and the new sleek Apple keyboards). For those who cannot live without Microsoft Windows XP...

Alt (Mac OS X) correspond à Crtl+Alt ou Alt de gauche (Windows)

Alt (Mac OS X) maps to Ctrl+Alt or left Alt button (Windows)

Alt+Shift (Mac OS X) correspond à Crtl+Shift (Windows)

Alt+Shift (Mac OS X) maps to Ctrl+Shift (Windows)

Pour ceux qui se sentiraient éternellement reconnaissants ...

For those of you who might feel inclined to ... - language input set to French (France) - language input set to English (United States)

Ce pilote ne fonctionne qu'avec Windows XP et antérieurs, pas avec Vista.
This driver will work with Windows XP and older versions of Windows, not Vista.

Update (5 mai/may 5th - 2009):

Merci à Rapo, ça devrait être bon cette fois!
Thanks to Rapo, that should do it!

Update (5 janvier/january 5th - 2009):

Merci à Jin pour avoir insisté pour chasser les vilains bugs qui restaient.
Thanks to Jin the last ugly bugs should be no more.

Update (10 mai/may 10th - 2008):

Merci à UrvooDoo pour avoir remonté le problème sur les accents qui est maintenant corrigé!
Thanks to UrvooDoo, the accentuated characters problem is now corrected!

Update (23 mai/may 23rd - 2008):

Merci à David pour avoir remonté le problème sur ctrl+A et ctrl+Z qui est maintenant corrigé!
Thanks to David, the ctrl+A & ctrl+Z problem is now corrected!

Update (2 juin/june 2nd - 2008):

Merci à Alain et Arnaud pour être d'éternels insatisfaits, le clavier est maintenant complet!
Thanks to Alain and Arnaud for never being satisfied, the keyboard driver is now complete!

Thing is, Access does not behave as MS SQL Server. I had to update recently a dBaseIV database with another (don't ask...) and the easiest way I could think of was Access.
I am no SQL Guru, but I remembered that in SQL Server you could do that:
UPDATE target
SET target.column = source.column
FROM table1 target
INNER JOIN table 2 source
ON target.rel = source.rel
I think this is a MS SQL Server specific syntax though...
However, in Access, you have to do that (I did not guess, I want through hope, denial, despair and finally to microsoft and had a look at the code generated):
UPDATE target
INNER JOIN table 2 source
ON target.rel = source.rel
SET target.column = source.column
FROM table1 target
Where source column was actually written as [source]![column].
I haven't tried to see what you got if you removed the brackets.